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Customer stories : Choccywoccydoodah

Nestled in a quiet corner of Brighton is Choccywoccydoodah: a store bursting with colour, creativity and just a hint of eccentricity. What sets this place apart from others in the area is its abundance of chocolate cake, not to mention the bright colours and attention to detail that can be seen in the artwork covering the walls just as much as in the cakes themselves.

Choccywoccydoodah is the master of chocolatiers and chief of bespoke cake making – its famous cakes have been commissioned by celebrities who can’t get enough of its intricate designs, and it even had its own TV show, Choccywoccydoodah Starstruck. We caught up with some of the Choccywoccydoodah team down in Brighton to find out more about the way they work, and how they’ve seen their business flourish with the help of Parcelforce Worldwide.

Can you describe a typical day in the life of Choccywoccydoodah?

Wow, a typical day… well, it can range from relaxing and calm to incredibly busy! There always seems to be people taking pictures, and we have a café on-site with a very high turnover of customers. We’re very lucky that we have amazing staff working for us. We specifically pick our staff based on their skills, and they all have a bit of ‘choccy’ in them. We want them to be entertaining as well as skilful servers – which, thankfully, they are!

How has the business grown with Parcelforce?

Parcelforce is incredibly accommodating. We often find ourselves sending hundreds of packages per day, especially around Christmas time, and Parcelforce collecting these from us is a huge help. The click and collect service, as well as a

What’s the most exciting cake the company has been commissioned to create?

The most exciting commission is the one we’ve yet to make! It’s impossible to choose one specifically. Every staff member has a different favourite, if they can even choose one – which just goes to show how individual we are and how our personalities differ. There have been some incredible cakes in the past, and we’re excited to see what our designers come up with next.

What does it take to be a cake designer?

There’s a huge amount of knowledge required to become a cake designer. There’s a minimum of three years’ training to be able to create the big cakes that you see on TV and around the store, and our cake designers have to work their way up the ranks to get the top job.

Many of our cake designers have a background in artistry, which shines through in their incredible creations. People don’t often realise, but chocolate is really difficult to work with. You’re limited on the temperature, how it moulds, etc. For example, if the chocolate melts twice, you have to throw it away because the chemical composition has been irreversibly changed. That’s why our cake designers are fantastic at their jobs – everything you see in a cake, even if it’s 4ft tall, is made entirely out of chocolate!